Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, ‘Wubster’…a tad late!

But, you see, here's the problem: this post isn't late simply because I'm un-loving, lazy or overwhelmed with the start of school. That's not it at all!

Your mom and I actually put a lot of thought into your birthday. We've just been faced with a conundrum (yes, conundrum): What do we get the kid whose big brother already has everything?

We thought about planes, trains, and automobiles (rest in peace, Mr. Hughes), but Mini-Me has enough of those to share when he wants.

We thought about musical instruments, but Mini-Me already has the First Act 'Orchestra and Rap Metal' set (it was a Toys R Us exclusive) complete with bonus tuba, maracas, and key-tar. There are plenty of instruments and toddler-angst hooks to go around at our house.

We thought about plaid sweaters, tube socks, and footy pajamas, but that's what crazy third aunts twice removed are for.

We even thought about just wrapping up toys we already had around the house since you have more fun with the gift wrap anyway. Even if you did complain, we figured you can only say 'kitty' and 'mama' so your argument would be lost on us. Luckily for you we have consciences.

Eventually we settled on a last minute Target purchase: the Fisher Price Little People Farm.

It's awesome!

It comes with a farmer and the stereotypical farm animals (no llamas or emu here), it makes different animal noises when you open doors and push buttons, and it doubles as a headache inducer when someone crams all the pieces inside the silo--including the tractor--and immediately wants them all back out--including the tractor, which apparently expanded. There's even a way you can make animals slide down the roof…at least that's what Mini-Me does when he plays with it. In fact, he loves it! He plays with it more than you! He plays with all your birthday gifts more than you!

So what did we get the kid whose brother already has everything for his birthday? More toys for his big brother. Now that's a sweet gig!