Monday, October 3, 2011

The Budding Author

Almost a quarter of the way through Kindergarten and I'm amazed at the progress Mini-Me has made. He's known his alphabet for a while and was getting pretty good at writing his own name, but where he used to whine when we asked him to write, now he won't put down the crayons, pens, dry erase markers, or his absolute favorite, permanent markers. He's filling books and books worth of pages with his writing. In fact, he published his memoir the other day. I'm including an advanced copy of the manuscript below for your enjoyment.

He asked me how to spell 'author'...I misheard him.

Her ears aren't actually that large.
Yes, it's true...I make the kids call me "DadDaaDADDAW!"...and my knees are that large.
Note the attention to height detail in these last two.

I was incredibly impressed as I watched him put this book together. He was so proud of himself as he walked around the house reading it to Rach and I. Kindergarten's awesome!

Of course, amongst the many manuscripts I did find one journal, tucked deep in the piles of forgotten toys on our living room floor, that gave me pause. It seems he's become obsessed a la Walter Sparrow with the number 8...

 I'm sure it's just a passing phase...but just in case, I won't be letting him check into room 8 of any local hotels.