Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy...who's the birthday boy boy!?!

Dear Wubster,

First and foremost, I must offer you this sage advice: Save and Save Often! And then, when you think you're too good for that, bop yourself on the head and cut & paste your blog post into Word or some other program and save it there, too. Just trust me on this...and now, here's your birthday letter redux.
I don't know about you, but I was having a hard time waiting for your birthday to get here!

With all the changes over the past few months it feels like you've been three for so long already.

My impatience this year shouldn't surprise me, though. I was just as impatient three years ago as the summer ticked away, the school year growing closer and closer while I waited and waited and waited for the opportunity to meet you.

And just as my summer slipped away I finally did.

And you brightened our growing family with your vivid blue eyes and gassy grins!

And I was happy...even if I had to go back to work the day after I brought you home from the hospital.

In these three years you've grown so strong, loving, and handsome.

You're such a helper when it comes to yard work, whether it's mowing alongside your mom or I (with your bubble mower), transplanting roly-polys and worms, or harvesting veggies (and eating them immediately) from the garden.

Your laugh is infectious and that cheesy grin of drowns your face in a sea of adorability (thankfully it's no longer a gassy grin)!

I'm looking forward to all the adventures this next year will bring!

Happy Birthday, monkey!



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer of S.A.H.M.M., technically, it's the Summer of S.A.H.D (Stay At Home Dad), but I was a huge Michael Keaton fan as a kid, so I'm going to go with S.A.H.M.M. (Stay At Home Mr. Mom).

I know I've slacked on posting this summer. Admitting it's the first step in finding the motivation to rewire a DeLorean and travel back to tell my younger self to go to bed earlier every night...

Well, it doesn't seem to have's late and I'm still typing.

I didn't blog much this summer because by the time my day was over and the kids were snuggling on top of their covers (they don't seem to like the bottom side of sheets) asking for me to cuddle with them, I tucked my motivation to type in next to them and trudged out to the living room to veg out.

It's been a fun summer, but a busy one. I kept all three kids home with me on Mondays and Fridays and then had individual days with each one in between. I wouldn't change a thing about this summer...I also wouldn't want to do it all year long. Props to the real S.A.H.M.s (and D.s) out there! You're amazing...but I'm ready to head back into the classroom routine. little secret for you: This post is a victim of circumstance. I'm so out of practice blogging I forgot to verify that the Wubster Birthday Post I finished typing ten minutes ago auto saved before I hit 'Publish' and the blogger gods laughed in my face with their "Oops...that link appears to be broken" practical joke.

For those of you who might be a bit didn't.

It's gone.

It was good, too.


Novel worthy.

Now I'm just left with the early detritus of my first draft.

It sucks, too.


Round file worthy.

I'll just try again tomorrow...if my motivation doesn't get tucked into bed with The Wubster, that is.