Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Once I Rose Above the Noise and Confusion Just to Get a Glimpse Beyond This Illusion

Even when they cannot be always available, the parents' fierce, unique love for their child makes them different in the child's heart and mind from all other caregivers. In spite of a long working day, a parent's passion for his or her child retains its many nuances of emotional intensity, ranging from rapture and delight to impatience and even rage, that no other relationship in the child's life can match. Even very young infants are smart enough to recognize this passionate commitment and to reciprocate it in kind.

Alicia F. Lieberman

19:48 CST
Bye! Thanks for having us over...GET IN THE CAR NOW...we should do this again sometime...HEY! IN THE CAR!...maybe an adults night out would work, too...GET BUCKLED! STOP SHOVING YOUR BROTHER!...Happy New Year!...LET GO OF HIS EAR!

19:59 CST

Mommy, why don't all people have Christmas lights up? Why do people take them down right after Christmas? Can we keep our lights up until the end of Fall? Then can we keep them up until the end of Winter? Can we keep them up until next January? Why don't we want to be the people who leave them up all year?
20:07 CST
The Wubster's almost we let this happen?
Hey Wubster! Look at the Christmas lights, monkey! See all the pretty lights!
No, no...wake up. Look at the lights!
Yeah, Wubster! Look at those lights! I see lots of lights up there, mommy!
Yes, Wubster!
Look those lights, Mommy! McDonald's lights!
20:12 CST
Okay, guys...when we turn into the subdivision you'll see lots of lights...look at The Wubster's windows.
Mommy, I saw lightning Christmas lights! They had lightning shooting from the lights!
Wow, Mini-Me, that sounds cool!
Okay, Wubster, look at these lights...they're not lightning lights, though, they're rock and roll Christmas lights!
Rock-and-row Christmas!
Yeah, rock and roll lights! ♫ Rock and roll Christmas ♫ Rock and roll lights! ♫ Rock and roll Christmas lights...
Rocknrow lights ♫ rocknrow lights! ♫ ROCKNROW!!! ♫
20:22 CST

Alright, when we go inside we're not going to be crazy, we're going to go straight inside, take off our shoes and coats, put on our PJs, brush our teeth and get in bed. It's way past your bedtimes.
Okay, mommy. Can we use the new toothpaste?
Well, hmm...if you go inside without acting crazy, you can use the new special toothpaste.
WHAT! You're going to let them use the special new toothpaste!?!
If they're good I am!
Are you for REAL!!!???!!!
Yeah...if they listen and go straight inside and get ready for bed, they can use the special new toothpaste.
Wow! That's a pretty awesome deal!
Yeah, daddy! It's special!
Well, Mini-Me, what are you going to do when we get home, then?
I'm going to get my PJs on and brush my teeth with the special new toothpaste!
20:27 CST
Alright, let's head inside and...HEY! NO! Don't climb over the seat! Your sister's right there! What are you doing! No, that's my...arrrggghh! Just stop. Watch where you're stepping!
Okay, go straight inside...
Whoa! Wait a minute! No! INSIDE! Stop running around the van! What happened to not acting crazy!?!
20:32 CST
Just step inside and look at the house.
What do you mean?
I don't think it's how we left it?
What do you mean?
Look at the floor.
That stuff all torn up.
That wasn't there when we left...but the dogs are behind their gate.
They must have gotten out.
But the dogs are behind their gate.
It's the pretzel M&Ms...
But the dogs are behind their gate!
        ...and that whole fruit danish Anna brought over this morning!
THE WHOLE THING!?! But the dogs are behind their gate!
They got out, snacked, and went back inside the gate!?! What the...! They probably went downstairs and played Just Dance, too!
It'd be the perfect crime if they'd learn to clean up after themselves!
At least they didn't get the Oreos...
20:48 CST
No, need pants!
Yeah, You can't go to bed without wet yourself. These sheets aren't flood proof.
20:59 CST
Ice water, puhleeaase!!!
21:09 CST
I've got to check up on work stuff...wanna watch something?
Sure...I've got to write about rapture. I haven't a clue where to start.

23:18 CST

They look so angelic when they're sleeping. They're beautiful...they're perfect.
I swear...tomorrow night I'm going to bed early.

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