Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Statler and Waldorf Hate This Post

Aww yeah! It's time to get random!

randomtuesdayI'm getting cantankerous in my 'old' age...is it bad that I want to call the cops on the kids who tear up our common ground with their ATVs? Is it worse that I have? Rach and I also grumble frequently about the cars that speed past our house, gunning their engines to fly down a (roughly) 100 yard stretch of subdivision street. Drive 25 folks...don't make me invest in spike strips...I'm already shaking my cane at you!

My sister's an amazing artist! She painted an awesome picture of butterflies for Mickey (TKNTD)'s room and she's illustrated two fabulous books for the boy's now, Mini-Me and the Beanstalk and Bedtime Cat (a take on the actual book, Bedtime Cat, but with pictures of The Wubster and our cat Gretchen). Her recent work's inspired me to start brainstorming ideas for children's books. For now, check out her website.

Mini-Me and I (and The Wubster who cuddled up for the last twenty minutes or so) watched How To Train Your Dragon this morning. WOW! The Wubster enjoyed the final moments and I'm pretty sure Mini-Me liked it, but I loved it! The animation looked gorgeous via our blu-ray, I'm a huge fan of the voice work Jay Baruchel and Craig Ferguson provided, and the story used traditional mythic hero archetypes coupled with modern sensibilities. If you haven't seen it yet (and I know I'm a bit behind in seeing it myself), check it out! We give it six thumbs up.

If this WordADay December Challenge were a marathon, I'd be a Kenyan.

ISICYOADWWP-CP-A was a complete failure.

I love DVRing an entire fall season of a show and catching up in a matter of several evenings. Smallville? Check. Supernatural? Next up. Geek status? Raging!

Thanks to Santa we now have a ninja in our kitchen cabinets.

We took Mini-Me to Steak-n-Shake the other day for lunch and I was fascinated by the giant Red Bull case on the counter. I've seen 'em in bars, but Steak-n-Shake? Wow...I've totally missed the energy drink train.

I colored a picture of Robin (The Boy Wonder) today...
I love it, daddy. I want to cut it out so I can play with it.
I nearly cried. No one's ever verbalized their appreciation of my talent for coloring within the lines before. I finally feel like I've made it!

Rach just came into the living room to share the epiphany she had while brushing her teeth:
You know, how did The Growing Pains get away with naming a character Boner?
I think that trumps my randomness for tonight.

Thanks, again, to Keely at The Un Mom for these Random Tuesday's...check out her site and join in the fun!


  1. I fear that I will become the female version of either Statler or Waldof in my old age. I love your random Tuesday posts (along with the other days too), keep them coming!

  2. Thanks, Mags! I love random Tuesday's, too!