Monday, April 11, 2011

What Happens When Your Wife's in Vegas...Gets Posted on Your Blog

Rach headed to the bright lights and lighter pocketbooks of Vegas for a week-long conference, leaving me with a bountiful supply of adorable munchkins and the adorable munchkins a bountiful supply of Jolt, pixie stix, Cap'N Crunch, duct tape, toilet paper, eggs, tar, and feathers.

Should be a fun week!

Luckily, I got the upper hand on them last night:

Unfortunately, it didn't hold them for long. I guess I should be proud that they know how to work together and fashion an escape tool out of a bink, a flower barrette, a tube of diaper cream, two dirty diapers, and a stuffed panda.

When I discovered them roaming the house around 3am, Mickey (TKNTD) was dressed like Mickey (TMNTK) and practicing her juggling...

This photo was taken seconds before she switched to knives and flaming bowling pins. She's getting quite good! I would have gotten a photo of that, but the Dynamic Duo arrived and chased me out of Gothopolis City...

Once I hitchhiked my way back home in the back of a Mini Cooper driven by a one-armed clown, I found all three kids on my computer, chatting with a woman of questionable morals in her swanky Vegas hotel room...

I've lost control...but at least I'm comfortable...

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  1. Duct tape, a useful parenting tool or a double-edged sword?

    Godspeed, sir.